"I have had the pleasure of working with Renee Gray twice now, and both times I have found her energy contagious, her insights wise and thoughtful, and her overall care and compassion a rarity found in today's hustle and bustle within the business world. Renee truly puts herself 100% into her work and mission for her clients, seeking the absolute best outcome for all involved. She listens with an open heart and responds with an open mind. She has a way to bring even the most disconnected teams together under a united goal of improving for the sake of their organization, as well as individuals. If anyone were ever to ask me for a recommendation for a business coach, I would hands-down recommend Renee".

 Amy Herbig, CEO -  The BA Group


"Not knowing what to expect when joining a Mastermind group with Dare to Dream, I was reserved, very private, not overly willing to open up for fear of being judged. What I discovered has been an environment of encouragement, understanding and safety with other professional women that share some of the same fears. Building a strong, trusting friendship with this group has given me new perspective on "just going for it" with new goals as well as old ones. I'm learning to give myself more grace and giving things over to God. Meeting monthly keeps me centered and focused on what truly is important, and I'm always anxious for the next meeting to share successes. But if I struggle- I know I've got a group of prayer warriors to get me back on track with one click of a text!"

Renee Ashworth, owner - Express Employment Professionals


"I had never had a coach before hiring Renee. I had received a ministry calling and figured I needed help fulfilling that calling. I knew my purpose but now I needed help navigating that purpose. Renee helped me to define my gifts and look at how those gifts intertwined with my personality or "bent". I ran into a couple of roadblocks which I received healing for and breakthrough. The Mastermind group created a close bond of kinship and encouragement and the individual coaching sessions  provided one on one attention.
My life has changed in many respects. One is that I understand myself better and can give myself grace for the not so perfect areas. The other is that I am purposely drawing closer to God and listening for His guidance through the Holy Spirit and using His Word to change any wrong beliefs in my thinking. I have more confidence in where I  am headed and what my identity truly is.
I would highly recommend Renee's ability to be led by the Spirit along with her education in the "coaching world".

Cathy McCleery- Minister, A Settled Place Healing Ministry

"Renee Gray is an intuitive and compassionate coach. She is concerned with whole development, not just one aspect. I appreciate that Renee begins and ends our sessions in prayer; I know that we are both seeking God's wisdom as I explore my purpose and calling, as well as uncovering and overcoming my own limiting beliefs.  The mastermind group has been an additional blessing in this journey. Renee facilitates the group with grace and expertise, asking clarifying questions to engage us on a deeper level. Through the group, I have been supported by a sisterhood; the sisterhood has created a safe place to voice concerns, identify resources, and hold one another accountable to the growth God has for each of us.
Renee is a gifted coach with a heart to serve, and I am grateful to work with her".

Jaime Davis - Beacon Harbor Services - Speaker & Trainer 


"I've had several professional coaches throughout my career, but never one that I can call my coach until I started working with Renee in a Mastermind Group and one-on-one coaching sessions. Renee helped me to see that leadership begins with me and through working with her, I was able to gain valuable insights about what my God-given identity is and what I am meant to do with the gifts HE has given me.  She helped me identify strongholds in my life that were hampering my growth and my relationship with God. Through the Mastermind group, I was able to build a bond with those in my group, a sort of a sisterhood that I know will always be there for me as I navigate the many challenges in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend those who desire to discover what their God-given purpose is and desire to grow spiritually and professionally, to work with Renee – you will NEVER regret the time you spend with her and the Mastermind Group".

Selina Hoflund - President of Ascension Business Solutions Corporation


"I have been thinking for some time about a recommendation for Renee.  The hard part was putting into words the effect of her coaching – then it hit me:  the reason it is hard to put into words is the very thing that makes her THE coach.  Because my dreams and hopes and the related obstacles are intangible to me, I can't quite formulate them into an actionable thought.  And that is her great skill, helping me voice vague abstract thoughts into words and actionable steps: that which is intangible and unrealized within me.  It is a GIFT that she has.  I would liken it to the Holy Spirit being able to implore on our behalf.  She knows my groanings too deep for words . . . and I can become what longs to be released".
Roxanne P. Ostlund, CPA, MBA, CGMA, ABD - RPO Associates, CPAs, LLC