4 His Grace Foundation

I've always been a dreamer, I grew up with a Mom who encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and step into the realm of the unknown and unfamiliar. She modeled to me to fearlessly go after my dreams, to stay in the fight and to not let the challenges…get the best of me. I learned to "take a step of faith" at a very early age.

 In the fall of 2011, I didn't realize I was about to take the biggest step of faith of my life. My new coaching business had been steadily growing and I was on my way home when my cell phone rang. I answered and heard the fear in my college daughter's voice on the other end. I softly told her I would be there in a minute. I turned my car onto the roundabout and felt the tender whisper of God's voice say  Ashley needs you and I will give you the strength to stand up under it.

There were many other times over the years when God gave me and my family the strength to stand up under it. On that fall day in the kitchen of our home, my husband, our son, my mom, and I listened as we heard Ashley say Yes to God and we all happily agreed to say Yes with her. A day later, Ashley, Cal and I  sat in the Ultrasound room of Heart to Heart. Our eyes fervently watched the monitor and then we saw it. A tiny heartbeat, boldly beeping as if to say I'm here! I'm here! I truly believe we get to see some of God's greatest miracles in our life, through what we believe at the moment is some of our greatest challenges. Zella Grace has been an incredible blessing to our family. When we said Yes to God years ago... he opened the door for me to achieve one of my biggest dreams which is 4 His Grace Foundation.


Why 4 His Grace Foundation...

Our family wants to give other's the opportunity to say Yes to God just like we did six years ago.  4HISGRACE was created to help all of us take part in being builders of the wall of hope. A portion of every dollar from speaking engagements, coaching, conferences and workshops goes towards Pregnancy Health Centers across the country to help build a wall of hope in their communities. God is calling us to be on the front lines in protecting life with Him. Together, we can change the lives of families. Together we can plant seeds in God's soil to bear countless orchards of fruit for Him.

 Together, we can change the course of history‚Ķ all across our country. It has been an exciting journey and we are grateful to the doors that are opening to us. We are also incredibly grateful to have the most amazing people to support us. We are humbled, grateful and blessed to be on this adventure of hope with you!